Transcutaneous VNS | A new therapeutic approach in epilepsy

19th November 2015

A really interesting article about t-VNS® has been published in the 2015 Autumn Edition of Epilepsy Professional by Dr Schulze-Bonhage, Head of the Epilepsy Centre at University Hospital Freiburg in Germany

Dr Schulze-Bonhage describes a trial of t-VNS® analysing its effectiveness and side effects compared with standard VNS systems using a new transcutaneous vagus nerve stimulation (t-VNS®) device.

The t-VNS® device used in the trial was the NEMOS® device manufactured by cerbomed.

The full Epilepsy Professional article is available to download and read here:

Transcutaneous VNS | A new therapeutic approach in epilepsy |Dr Schulze-Bonhage

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