The cost and 2 plan options to buy a NEMOS® device

The Outright Purchase and Deferred Payment Plans, and a cost comparison chart

NEMOS® is not an acute therapy. It may take weeks or months for patients to experience noticeable benefit from NEMOS®. With that in mind we offer two purchase and payment plans both of which include a 6 month trial period in order to allow your evaluation of the benefit of the NEMOS® device. Patients who do not respond sufficiently to the therapy can return the device after 6 months and will then not be liable for future payments under their chosen Option Plan. Returns Policy.

NEMOS® can be purchased directly from Delta Surgical through this website, or by calling the Delta Surgical sales line on 01782 637009

The UK list price for NEMOS® is £2,487.00 per unit. We can offer the 6 month test/trial period at a price of £400.00. Replacement consumables if and when needed are extra. The two NEMOS® purchase options are detailed below:

Option 1

Outright Purchase

£400 Initial Payment, Trial
and Final Purchase of your
NEMOS® Device with one future payment

At the end of the 6 month trial period a further payment of £2,087.00 will then be taken from the card

Option 2

Deferred Payment Plan

£400 Initial Payment, Trial
and Final Purchase of your
NEMOS® Device with our payment plan

At the end of the 6 month trial period a monthly recurring credit card payment of £129.78 will be taken for the subsequent 18 months (total paid £2,736.00)

Alternatively, if you have not seen any benefit you can return the NEMOS® device within 6 months of your purchase date providing it is undamaged and is with all its accessories. You will then not be liable for the future payments under your chosen Option Plan.

We can accept the one off initial payment by any of the following methods

  • Credit card (all credit card payments incur an additional 2.5% charge) – by either telephone or online
  • Debit card – by telephone or online
  • Bank transfer – electronic transfer details available upon request

Returns Policy Terms & Conditions

Comparison of the costs for the 2 purchase options for NEMOS® device

NEMOS® – The Patient Purchase Options
Timescale 1. Outright Purchase 2. Payment Plan
6 Month Trial Period Initial Upfront
Payment of £400
Initial Upfront
Payment of £400
End of the Trial Period

Return the NEMOS® Device at the end of the 6 month trial period if you have not seen a benefit.

See Returns Policy

after the Trial Period
One-off Single
Payment of £2,087
18 Monthly
Payments of £129.78
Total amount paid £2,487.00 £2,736.00