How to buy and obtain a NEMOS® device

The process for obtaining a medical recommendation and buying a NEMOS® device

Before you can purchase a NEMOS® device there are a few simple steps you will need to go through.

The first part of the purchase process is completing a Medical Recommendation Form which is available from this website or by the post by calling our office on 01782 637009. This form will need to be signed by your Doctor, Consultant or Epilepsy Nurse and the signed original returned to us so we can authorise your future purchase.

Approximately 4 working days after sending us your completed Medical Recommendation Form you should be able to call us on 01782 637009 to complete your NEMOS® device purchase.

This will require you making a single one-off payment of £2,487.00.

We can accept this payment by any of the following methods

When payment has been confirmed your NEMOS® device will be shipped to you by a secure tracked method.

If you have any questions or concerns the team is available on 01782 637009 to help.

Please note replacement consumables, if and when needed, are extra.