The NEMOS® Device for t-VNS®

The patient-friendly therapy option for epilepsy patients

Nemos Epilepsy Patient


No surgical intervention: t-VNS® therapy with NEMOS® provides targeted stimulation of the vagus nerve, without the risks of a surgical intervention.

Although new to the UK market, NEMOS® is already well adopted in Europe with more than 1,000 patients and volunteers having been treated with t-VNS® so far.

The innovative NEMOS® concept offers stimulation with the convenience of a non-surgical approach meaning we can offer treatment earlier in a patients’ treatment pathway before an implant would be considered.

NEMOS® stimulates the auricular branch of the vagus nerve by wearing a discrete ear electrode, the electrode is so discrete it is often mistaken for a smartphone headphone.

Patients administer the daily 4 hour treatment, which can be broken down into hourly sessions at their convenience throughout the day, though a simple to operate hand held pulse generator.

Nemos t-VNS Device

The Treatment of epilepsy with NEMOS®

  • No surgical intervention
  • Minor side effects
  • Easy to use